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What is General Insurance

A form of insurance on the life of a person. If the person dies then the insurance policy pays out a sum of money to the policyholder (such as a person's family)

A safety financial net which allows the insured to cover expenses that occur upon his death Basic insurance was developed over time to provide alternative choices for the insured and include additional coverage for disabilities this is why we will find various types

Types of General Insurance:

  • Burglary

  • Burglary
  • China Accident Emergency Medical

  • China Accident Emergency Medical
  • Contractors' All Risk

  • Protection contractor against loss of or damage to the contract works of decoration, maintenance, and renovation at from, shop and office premises, and also covers you against legal liability in respect of third party bodily injure and/or property damage arising out of the contract works.
  • Fine Arts

  • Fine Arts
  • Fire

  • The total risk presented by all the combustible elements of a risk, including the building itself, machinery, plant and stock.
  • Golfers

  • It provides covers for personal injury, loss or damage to golfing equipment and personal effects, as well as for any liabilities you may incur.
  • Home

  • A term that includes buildings and contents cover as well as personal liability, all risks and a variety of extra covers such as horses and ponies, small craft and motor boats, caravans, personal accident. Practice varies among insurers as to whether these are optional extensions or separate policies.
  • Individual Medical

  • A comprehensive plan puts three basic benefits including Hospital and Surgical, Supplementary Major Medical and Hospital Cash under one roof, with the optional Out-patient, Dental, Maternity or Critical Illness.
  • Jewellery

  • An all risks policy, written as part of a scheme arrangement, covering stock and goods held in trust or on commission.
  • Maid

  • Provides full protection and benefits to you and your domestic helper. It covers employer's legal liabilities, and protects you from any unexpected expenses that may incur.
  • Marine Cargo

  • The insurance of goods transported partially or wholly by sea or air, policies for both being written in the marine insurance market.
  • Money

  • An all risks insurance cover for banknotes, coins, cheques and other defined items in transit, on the insured's premises or in the homes of employees. Cover is subject to a number of specific limitations for the overnight premises risk. Extensions include personal accident benefits for assaults on staff and damage to their clothing
  • Motor

  • Provides a range of different types of cover for both private and commercial vehicles and specialist insurances for those in the motor trade. Own damage cover and a range of extra benefits are available in addition to compulsory third party elements
  • Office Package

  • Offers comprehensive coverage for office contents, personal accident protection, legal liability protection
  • Overseas Student Plan

  • Protect your child against ill-health and accident also damage to property and other unexpected losses while studying in overseas institutions
  • Personal Accident

  • A general insurance benefit policy that pays capital benefits (or weekly benefits for a specified period) for death or disablement consequent on accident. Policies may be issued for individuals or for groups.
  • Pets

  • A comprehensive protection including the hospitalization, clinical veterinary fees, death benefits and boarding fees and Third Party Liability.
  • Pleasure Craft

  • Protects you from financial loss due to theft, malicious damage, latent defect, repairer's negligence, third party liability, fire, heavy weather, lightning, or piracy.
  • Product Liability

  • A policy that is subject to a limit of indemnity for any one loss or series of losses flowing from one event and an aggregate limit for the policy period, designed to pay for third party property damage and personal injury arising from goods sold, supplied, repaired, serviced or tested by the insured. Cover is often provided as an extension to a public liability policy.
  • Public Liability

  • A policy that is subject to a limit of indemnity for any one loss or series of losses flowing from one event, designed to pay for third party property damage and personal injury arising from the business of the insured. Cover is often extended to include products liability insurance. Liability policies may be issued on a losses occurring or claims made basis.
  • Shop Package

  • Offers comprehensive coverage for trade contents as well as personal accident protection, legal liability protection
  • Travel

  • A package policy that may be effected on an annual or short-period basis providing a range of benefits including personal accident, medical expenses, cancellation charges and baggage cover.
  • Working Holiday

  • Protect you against ill-health and accident and damage to property and other unexpected losses while enjoying your working holiday overseas.