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What is Health Insurance

Health Insurance is intended to cover expenses arising from the medical costs of a sickness or an injury. In addition to this reactive cover of an accident or illness, insured persons can elect to include additional options such as maternity cover, dental benefits, vaccinations and health checks.

Types of Health insurance:

International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance has been developed for the expats living outside of their country of residence. The cover allows insured persons to receive treatment in the medical facility of their choice anywhere in the World within the geographical area they have chosen. In addition to the standard cover, most policies will have coverage for evacuation/repatriation, Worldwide assistance and compassionate home travel.

Local Health Insurance

Health Insurance benefits in Hong Kong have developed differently than those found in Europe or the United States in that they will have reduced claim limits to reflect the localized hospital networks used by local nationals. Although additional dental, maternity and health check benefits can be included; they will also be restricted to lower levels of cover.

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance
As one of the earliest forms of accident insurance, Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance intention is to provide either lump sum, periodic payments or medical expenses associated with a death or disablement caused by an accident.

Critical Illness Insurance
Insurance policy that pays a face amount or lump sum if the Insured is diagnosed with a specified critical illness. This sum is paid directly to the insured regardless of any other sources of income (job-related and non-job-related), expenses incurred (medical and non-medical), and any other factors. Generally, critical illnesses include stroke, heart attack, cancer that is life threatening, paralysis, deafness, organ transplant requirement, blindness, and kidney failure. Some policies pay a percentage of the face amount, for example 15 to 30%, if a less serious illness occurs or medical procedure such as a coronary bypass must be performed. The illness does not have to result in the disability of the insured (total or partial); the insured still receives the face amount payment. This type of insurance can be purchased as a separate policy or as a rider to a Life Insurance or Disability Income policy. The face amount is not paid if the insured dies within 30 days of being diagnosed with the covered illness and there is usually a Waiting Period before the coverage is in force. This coverage may be purchased on both a personal and business basis.