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What is Investment Insurance

A form of insurance on the life of a person. If the person dies then the insurance policy pays out a sum of money to the policyholder (such as a person's family)

A safety financial net which allows the insured to cover expenses that occur upon his death Basic insurance was developed over time to provide alternative choices for the insured and include additional coverage for disabilities this is why we will find various types

Types of life insurance:

Term Insurance

Term Insurance provides cover to an insured person for a specified term only or specific period of time . As benefits are only payable if the insured person dies during the period of cover, Term Life Insurance is one of the cheapest forms of life insurance as the insurance period will often pass without a claim.
Endowment Insurance

An Endowment Plan provides for the payment of the face amount at the end of a specified term or an earlier death. Technically this type of cover is a combination of both term insurance and pure endowment.

Whole Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance quite literally will run for the whole of one’s life and the face amount is payable when the insured dies, whenever that might be.

Universal Life Insurance
Universal Health Insurance provides greater flexibility and choice to the insured person with flexible premiums and adjustable benefits.

Unit Linked insurance
The value of investment linked long term policies is directly associated or linked to the performance of investments that have been purchased with the premiums that have been paid. This type of cover is essentially an investment plan providing diversified

Do I need life insurance?

Your personal situation will determine whether or not you need life insurance. If you have no dependents or do not generate a large proportion of your family’s overall income, you probably will not need to consider life insurance. If your salary is important to your family’s financial future and the payment of education fees, mortgage and general bills then life insurance is important to ensure that these financial obligations continue to be met in the event of your death.

What type of policy should you buy?

Many insurance specialists recommend that those under the age of 50 and don't have a family history of life threatening illnesses should arrange term insurance which offers benefits in the event of your death but no cash or surrender value. On the other hand, whole life insurance offers both a death benefit and cash value, but costs more.

Blue Diamond can help you decide on the best plan for you by providing a free financial consultation and a comparison of the best insurance policies available.

How Much Life Insurance Do I need?

There is no set rule for determining the amount of life insurance you require as the level depends on a number of factors such as sources of income, how many people are dependent on your salary, your debts, and your lifestyle.

A general rule of thumb is between five and ten times your annual salary, however, if you are not sure what an appropriate amount is, you should discuss your needs with a registered insurance broker like Alliance Insurance Services.