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“Having been with libra for more than 5years, I've found their service has been kept improving.”

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“Libra wealth management is one of our core brokerage channel and they always demonstrate their extensive knowledge in both finanacial and insurance placing.”

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“We are very impressed by their professional maneuvering which is able to provide their client with best insurance terms while protecting interest for insurance company”

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“Their prompt reaction to the financial market and passionate customer service are consolidating their position as a professional Independent Finanancial Advisor to insure your risk management and wealth management is in good hands”

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“Libra have been managing my portfolio since day one. The personal service especially with Joseph was exceptional and surprising Joseph still handle our account after his promotion. Most other companies would have pass my account to other staff. This show how much the company care about each and every customers”

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  • We guarantee quotes in 12Hours.

    Our Experts guarantee individual and corporate clients with the fastest most accurate and reliable plan comparisons in the market. Thus saving you Money and Time.

  • Daily updates on claims.

    We use our networks & relationships to ensure your claims are processed in the fastest , most efficient and effective way possible, minimizing worry and giving you peace of mind.

Wealth management Savings Plans

International savings plans can provide a wide range of funds to choose from, all of which offer freedom to save in the currency of your choice and offer tax efficiency on interest paid. You can pay towards the plans as much or as little as you wish to, as long as you regularly provide payments.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. It enables you to know your own financial situations, setting financial goals and the way to reach the goals.

Financial planning provides direction and meaning to financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make will have both short and long term effect on your life goals. You will then be more easily adaptable to life changes and feel secure in the knowledge that your goals are on track.

Do you need Financial Planning?

Everyone needs financial planning so as to achieve their goals at different stages of life.

Once you start working, financial planning is needed to ensure a good management of your income and expenditures. With the accumulation of your first sum of savings, you would plan to go traveling, pursuing further studies and purchasing a car or flat regardless of your age, sex, background and occupation. In order to achieve all the goals, a comprehensive financial planning is a must.

Retirement Plan

Whether choosing to retire overseas or requiring additional income over and above state pension or compulsory contribution schemes, a retirement plan can provide additional support and income for later years.


Education Plans

Planning ahead for the educational needs and the costs involved can help eliminate the bever increasing school fees


Providing a quality education for your children

As a parent, you know how important your child's education is. As the cost of education continues to rise, careful planning and preparation will be a big help to your child later in life.

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A general insurance benefit policy that pays capital benefits (or weekly benefits for a specified period) for death or disablement consequent on accident. Policies may be issued for individuals or for groups.

This is particularly important if they intend to undertake higher education or overseas study. The following tables show how much it costs to fund these university fees in Hong Kong, China and overseas:


Remarks: The above overseas education expense may change anytime.
(are subject to change)
*Business and Management Program
Source: web site from related college 4/2008

Good education is expensive - but a poor education is even more expensive! See an advisor today, and help secure your child's future.
Did you know?
The cost of a standard degree at a local university is around HK$42,000, while tuition fees overseas are around HK$75,000. In addition, there is the cost of housing, books, food and clothing.
Act now. Give your child a brighter future.